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Saturday night pamper session Step 1: Cleanse with african black soap. Step 2: Harde and multani mitti facemask. I mixed 1tsp of multani mitti, 1tsp of harde powders with honey and hot water. I use multani mitti as a base to most of my masks because it detoxs and purifys the skin. It really minimises the appearance of pores and keeps the skin looking tight and right I added harde powder because I have a couple of pimples on my chin and harde is antibacterial and also prevents scars fr...

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What Your Pimples Say About Your Health

Pin this guide and use it next time you break out to understand why! With expert advice from dermatologists, you can determine why you're breaking out and how to fix the problem. From hormones to foods to your cell phone — there are plenty of reasons for your pimples, and now you'll understand why they appear!

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What Does Your Skin Say About You?

Thanks to the little visitor that appears on my chin every 28 days, I’ve always known that the skin is the window into our bodies and the health of our organs. But connecting the dots isn’t always easy, seeing as how I prefer to believe my insides are mad

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Acne Face Map - What Acne revealing about your Health - Divine Glowing Health

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How To Remove Pimples On Chin?

Many of us must have small bumps on the back. Such bumps similar to cane are called back acneor bacne. In this article I have thoroughly researched and brought the remedies to ”bacne”.

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This is why those breakouts on your chin won’t go away

But when we start to look at our bottle of Clearasil as half-full, rather than half-empty, there are plenty of unacknowledged, unrecognizable bonuses to rolling with your posse of pimples. This is simply the BEST EVER! acne on chin . This is perhaps the best discovery Ive made