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How to Design Pigeon Loft, Make a House or home for pigeon | Himalayan Pigeon

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Iridescent Hues

winged tones #taupe #gray #monochromatic [Heh. Meant to pin this to my 'Color' board, but it looks nice with all the other B+W photos, so I'll leave it here.]

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The most expensive pigeon in the world was sold to a wealthy Chinese buyer, who shelled out $200,000 at a Belgium auction for a highly pedigreed racing pigeon. Known as Blue Prince, this ‘designer’ pigeon seems a breed apart from the plump, trash-foraging birds commonly seen in urban parks. Currently living out his retirement on a Chinese roof top, Blue Prince is no longer expected to race, but was purchased to breed more speedy champions like himself.

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Do you (or someone you know) do a lot of craft projects? This craft table with pigeon holes will let you keep everything tidy, organised and close at hand. theownerbuilderne... It’s easy to build and modify to fit your own room as it is basically three shelves connected by the table top frames.

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In this hub, we will discuss in short the history of this lovely creature with some illustrations.

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Photo from Qatar: Pigeons Live in These Surprisingly Beautiful Towers - Condé Nast Traveler

The city states of the Persian Gulf have become famous for their skylines filled with modern architecture. But traditional structures and buildings, such as these pigeon towers, still survive in Qatar.

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