Pier Angeli was an Italian-born television and film actress. Her American cinematographic debut was in the starring role of the 1951 film Teresa, for which she won a Golden Globe Award.

In Memorium Pier Angeli (Anna Maria Pierangeli) 19 June 1932 - 10 September 1971

James Dean and Pier Angeli. #couples

James Dean & Pier Angeli a LOVE that couldn't happen. so sad he stood across the street when she married Vic Damone

Pier Angeli, photo by actor James Dean

Pier Angeli, photo by actor James Dean. James Dean was turned on by her eyes just looking at them whenever he saw her face.

Dean and Angeli. He later said that she was the only woman he ever really loved.

James Dean loved PierAngeli whose mother insisted she marry Italian and forced them apart. He drove recklessly and died, she married 2 italians briefly, then suicided age

signorinapierangeli:  Pier Angeli and twin sister, Marisa Pavan.

Twin sisters born June 1932 Happy Birthday Marisa Pavan (left) Pier Angeli (right) died September 1971 aged 39 RIP Photo: Circa