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The famous picture of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert with their daughter Victoria on her wedding day, 25 January 1858. The Queen is blurry because she couldn't stop shaking from the anxiety of her daughter leaving home.


Queen Victoria at Aston Hall. I have never seen a picture of Queen Victoria looking so much like her descendant Queen Elizabeth!


Four of Queen Victoria's grandchildren, the children of Princess Beatrice and Prince Henry of Battenberg. They are Prince Alexander (1886-1960), Princess Ena (1887-1969), Prince Leopold (1889-1922) and Prince Maurice (1891-1914). This is a mourning photograph, commemorating the death of their father. They are all looking at a photograph frame, it's most likely a picture of their father. He died of malaria whilst serving with the Britsh Army out in West Africa in 1896, aged 38.