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View from the top of the Notre-Dame Cathedral, Paris, France

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The Pearl of France

The coastline of Menton, France, seen from the Quai Impératrice Eugénie. Menton is a lesser known little town on the French Riviera, just before you cross into Italy, that beats its glamorous neighbours in charm and ambiance. It has a beautiful bay with houses in an array of warm tints spilling down the hillside to the sea. The view reminded me of pictures I’ve seen of Cinque Terre in Italy, but Menton is a lot less touristy (you can click through to the blog post for more photos)

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24 Vintage Pictures Of Paris Life In The 1920s

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21 Things To do in Paris this weekend #infographic #Paris #Travel

21 Things To do in Paris this weekend #infographic

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Cat pics go viral after Belgian police plead for no tweets on raids

this applies to my friend group perfectly. (if you couldn't guess, I'm one of the nutty kitties)

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