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Pictures Of Germs

Soft Cell

Laura Katherine McMillan. Size: 9 pieces, 5.5”x 5.5” Medium: Machine and Hand Embroidery in Petri Dishes Year Made: 2010 Cell Series "I began this series of embroideries as a way to fuse my background studies in anatomy and kinesiology with my passion for textile art. Revisiting old text books brought back not just information I would have to memorize for its function but a wealth of beautiful imagery. I began to see the cells as a series of intricate textures and shapes. "


"Armies of Delphiniums and Colombines" by Inga Moore from "The Secret Garden" by Frances Hodgson Burnett (Watercolour)


Here, we'll look at 10 beautiful macro photos of flowers, water drops, insects, etc. Plus, a video tutorial including tips on how to make your very own!


Playground water fountain, awful memories, i threw up for a week solid after using one of these (so did several other kids)