The Bridge of Klidoniabistas or Voidomatis is an arched stone bridge which has an opening 20 meters and a height of 9 meters. From the Byzantine period, the bridge is built and rebuilt to be completed in 1853 at the expense of Balkiz Khanum point ending the Vikos gorge, spent the considerable sum of 37,000 piastres. It joins the two banks of the river Voidomatis, where he got his second name and is excellent structure. Old residents moved through the bridge from West to Zagori Konitsa. The…

Ancient Stone Bridge, Epirus, Greece photo via liz. ~Pathways to Enlightenment~

Remarkable, soft blue, monochrome picture of The Moon Bridge, in DaHu (Big Lake) Park in Taipei, northern Taiwan, |  © bbe022001 on Flickr.

The Moon Bridge, in DaHu (Big Lake) Park in Taipei, northern Taiwan. A moon bridge is a highly arched pedestrian bridge associated with gardens in China and Japan. The moon bridge originated in China and was later introduced to Japan. Photo by

Oregon is an amazing place to visit in the autumn, as the leaves turn brilliant shades of red, orange, and yellow. This photo of the famous bridge across Multnomah Falls shows how beautiful Oregon can be in the autumn.

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Proud to call this place home. Multnomah Falls in the Columbia River Gorge near Portland, Oregon USA

14 Places That Really Exist On This Very Planet

14 Places That Really Exist On This Very Planet

Funny pictures about Cave Of Three Bridges. Oh, and cool pics about Cave Of Three Bridges. Also, Cave Of Three Bridges photos.

Almost Springtime in NYC! Are you as excited as we are?

20 Absolutely Breathtaking Photos of Central Park

Spring in Conservatory Garden, Central Park, New York City. The Conservatory Garden is the only formal garden in Central Park, New York City. Comprising 6 acres, it takes its name from a conservatory that stood on the site from 1898 to

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Ponte Rialto and gondola, Venice                                                                                                                                                                                 More

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Venice, Ponte Rialto Bridge A superb feat of engineering, Antonio da Ponte’s 1592 Istrian stone span took 3 years to construct. Adorned with stone reliefs depicting St Mark, St Theodore and the Annunciation, the bridge crosses the Grand Canal at its nar

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To Take Better Pictures - Pictures of bridges: 10 tips for better bridge photography - To anybody wanting to take better photographs today

Devil's Bridge off Dry Creek Roa . Sedona, AZ

Devil's Bridge off Dry Creek Roa . Sedona, AZ -- I've stood on this natural bridge and the experience/view was incredible. Please take me backkkk