Pickett's Charge ended the Battle of Gettysburg on July 3, 1863. Its futility was predicted by the charge's commander, Lt. Gen. James Longstreet, and it was arguably an avoidable mistake from which the Southern war effort never fully recovered psychologically.

The view from Seminary Ridge looking towards Cemetery Ridge over the grounds of Pickett's Charge. The Edge of Zeigler's Grove is on the far left and the Round Tops on the far right. In the middle of the photo is the red Codori Barn. To it's left is the large Pennsylvania Monument, then the obelisk to the men of Stannard's Vermont Brigade, several smaller monuments, and then the large obelisk monument to the US Regulars.

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General Lewis Lo Armistead leads the final stages of Picketts Charge against the Union lines with his hat waving on the tip of his saber in this famous painting of The Angle, depicting the High Water Mark of the Confederacy, by American artist Dale Gallon.

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Pickett's Charge | Historical content: Civil War and Reconstruction | Historical skills: Sourcing | Common Core Aligned

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