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In a collaborative project called 'Destroy Rankin' musicians have 'Destroyed or reinterpreted portraits of themselves taken by Rankin. Rankin takes the original photograph but the final image is, ultimately, a self portrait. This image by Marianna Faithful has the same fractured feel as Picasso and Hockney.

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Remarkable Photos Show Picasso “Painting” With Light

1 | Remarkable Photos Show Picasso “Painting” With Light | Co.Design: business + innovation + design

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Pablo Picasso: Spanish by birth, French at art

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David Hockney – Photography will never equal painting!

hockney_my_mother - I like the feeling that this image puts across to the viewer. I immediately felt an emotion when i saw this image

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oak, acorn, leaves, pattern, repeat, design, lino, printmaking, print, nature, illustration

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Paper Cuttings, Monoprints and Collagraphy: Exciting A Level Portraiture

This A Level sketchbook page shows an artist study - formal analysis of the work of Francis Bacon alongside Lucy's own experimentation. Adobe Photoshop has been used to distort original photographs, before creating a monoprint of the image and overlaying other images printed onto acetate. Supporting artist works can be seen alongside, including those by Picasso, Käthe Kollwitz and Dustin Farnsworth.

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