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trouble, sharp,quarter (It is actually a quarter NOTE but who cares) and repeat. Now fill in the blanks.

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Wow... I personally can't drive a stick shift, but I do know that you don't press all the pedals at once...

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Piano player, What people think I do, What I really do meme image -

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Bugs Bunny | Piano | Funny | Practicing by yourself vs Playing for the teacher | Cartoon

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.........unless you're in pit, and it modulates to 6 sharps hahaha and then back to something else totally ridiculous

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((Challenge day, you'll play this for me on the piano or an imaginary karaoke track and I'll see if it's at all difficult for me to sing.))

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Community Post: 20 Jokes Only Musicians Will Understand

I used to play the piano, which used treble and bass cleff, but now I play saxophone, which just uses treble cleff

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