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PEN PIPES: Students can learn about the design cycle and the physics of sound with only a few school supplies. The best part? They can proudly leave the classroom with their own set of pen pipes to remember what they learned.

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5 DIY Music Ideas for Tots

Physical World use their sense of touch to feel vibrations from familiar objects and infer that sound is made when an object vibrates, e.g. vocal cords, a stringed instrument or rubber band

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Physics of Sound - Fun Activity! ....Students calculate the lengths of closed tubes to play a given frequency & cut PVC pipes to play a song! My handouts are available for purchase.

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Song Challenge - Fun Activity with the Physics of Sound

Mothers of children with autism have stress levels comparable to combat veterans. #AIR#Autismisrealnotanexscuse

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Music and the Brain ~ Are Humans Wired for Music?

PE Warmup Games --- 9 Different Games to warm up your kids before sport. Detailed instructions, no equipment required. Music optional and recommended for two games. Appropriate for all ages. #reachingteachers

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