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Cosmic Kids Yoga is a website that provides yoga classes for children that follow an imaginative story line. Yoga engages all of the muscles in the body and these particular lessons engage the imagination too. There will be some families in the City of Frankston that cannot afford to pay for their children to participate in organised sports or lessons such as yoga, however this website is free to use. Children need to participate in physical activity to develop their gross motor skills.

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This life-size Shoots and Ladders is a fun activity for students who are deafblind, visually impaired or who have multiple disabilities.

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This game is played in an open gym space and can be played by students of all ages and abilities. It is designed to allow students to practice appropriate social skills, turn taking, numeracy skills, fitness skills and following rules. The game can be made more difficult depending on the ability level of the students playing. The skills are directly related to the National Association for Sport and Physical Education National Standards,

PE Poster: "I Can" Statements- Standard 5: Seeing the Value of Physical Activity

PE Poster: I Can Statements- Standard 5: Recognize the Importance of Physical Activity

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Learning Shapes With Toy Cars

Learning Shapes With Toy Cars activity for preschoolers and toddlers! Simple DIY educational activity

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Sample Photo of Physical Education Grade Book Here is a sample of one page in my grade book. This daily assessment book is essentially a checklist from the Colorado State Grade Level Evidence Outco...

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PE Poster: Kicking Cues

HOW DO I KICK A BALL OFF THE GROUND?This colorful Kicking Cues poster breaks down the steps involved in kicking a ball off the ground, successfully. The Kick is a standards-based, manipulative skill that is important for students to master in order to be successful in games and activities during daily physical education classes.

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Coordination and Motor Skills: What to Expect at Different Ages

Kids physically develop at slightly different rates. There are, however, milestones to watch for at certain ages. Keeping track of your child’s progress in physical coordination at different ages can help reveal potential issues.

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PE Poster: Physical Education Homework

THE BEST HOMEWORK YOU WILL EVER GET!!! This colorful Physical Education Homework Poster was created to "spark" a conversation with students about the vast ways

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