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7 Questions: Frank Machalowski On 'Monsters,' His Eerie Long Exposure Photos of Crowds

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Brinjal. I love this. Always adored seeing that, used to see a lot of it when I first visited Glasgow in the late 80's.

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This Teacher Forces Her To Answer Her Phone In Class On Speaker, And Instantly Regrets It

Photo taken in 1925 of a little girl visiting the grave of her twin sister who died the year before in a house fire.

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At the entrance to the Oxford Arms the Society for Photographing the Relics of Old London was set up to save the Oxford Arms, yet it failed in the endeavour, preserving only this photographic record.>> One of a collection of wonderful early photographs of the Capital.

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These Vintage Photos Of London During The Victorian Era Are Both Creepy And Fascinating

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*i've held the stars...and then had to let them go because i wasn't big enough to hold them. Yet.

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