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Dragonfly. I'm getting prepared to do some pen and ink of dragonflies. I love the detail of the wings in this photo.

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Great spotted woodpecker. About blackbird-sized and striking black-and-white. It has a very distinctive bouncing flight and spends most of its time clinging to tree trunks and branches, often trying to hide on the side away from the observer. Its presence is often announced by its loud call or by its distinctive spring 'drumming' display. The male has a distinctive red patch on the back of the head and young birds have a red crown.

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Incredible Macro Photos of Butterfly and Moth Wings

Photographer Linden Gledhill: Macro photos of butterfly and moth wings (between 7X and 50X magnification, focus stacking).

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Absolutely stunning capture of butterfly and light! Beautiful photography by Serkiz Oleg! "Waking Dream" Melanargia galathea. pin by Malu Santos on Shallow DOF Nature

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A collection of design classics in a home ready for fall (COCO LAPINE DESIGN)

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Lovely DIY Wedding Bunting and Garland Ideas

Wedding bunting; you can never have enough!!! It will add interest texture and colour to any wedding. I love the use of it in this picture and I'm sure can recreated by anyone with an eye for crafts

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