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A fist raised in protest from behind the bars at Toms Prison, Manhattan, on 28 September, 1972. Legendary photojournalist Jean-Pierre Laffont captured the changing times of New York City, covering everything from free love to the grim and gritty '70s.


this image shows a lot of emotional through the dull colors that have been used. straight away it tells a story and makes you want to know more. the angle in which it has been took is really effective and it makes the child at the bottom of the stairs stand out a lot. i like how there is just one thing to focus on in this image it brings all your attention to the child and thats all.

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Every World Press Photo Winner From 1955-2011

A Hutu man at a Red Cross hospital, his face mutilated by the Hutu 'Interahamwe' militia, who suspected him of sympathizing with the Tutsi rebels. (James Nachtwey) 1994

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Exposure Tutorial Part Three: What is ISO?

Moms with a Camera---- excellent site with lots of information and tips for beginners!


Candy Cigarette This photo, titled Candy Cigarette, not just displays something, it tells a story. It is both emotional and beautiful. This is what the originality of black-and-white-photography is all about.

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7 Great Photography Tips by Reuters Photojournalist Damir Sagolj

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7 tips to taking documentary photographs

Documentary photographs can tell a story in way that no other genre of shooting can. It tells the story of real life and, to me, there is no better story.