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No Studio? No Problem! Part 1: Mobile Photography Studio Kit

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I have used a few of these and can't deny they are really great lenses! Still...there's usually a really good reason the 'expensive' cameras cost so much more...

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My blog photography equipment

Last time I talked about my blog photography equipment was about two years a go. Over the last couple of weeks I must have received at least 15 messages asking about my camera, lenses, editing software, etc.. Which is why today, I decided to write a quick post, all about my equipment. CAMERA I have two … Read more...

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11 DIY Photography Equipment Hacks

DIY Photography Hack | Studio Quality Product Photography Equipment Project With a $12 Set Up

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Shopping list You really don’t need a great deal of equipment to get going with ink drop photography. As with any specialist technique you can spend a fortune on a flashy kit, but before you lay out hundreds of pounds on macro lenses why not take a trial run first? You’ll need: a selection of different coloured inks a medicine dropper or pipette a fish tank or a large glass container a large piece of white paper or a soft box a strong light a camera with manual focus manually operated…

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Wedding Photography DSLR Prime Lenses – The Complete Guide

Overview of Wedding Photography Equipment With so many different styles of photography out there, wedding photography equipment can vastly differ from one photographer to another. For example a natural light photographer would require a very different set of lenses and...

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