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Improve your photography skills with these 9 photo composition tips by Steve Mccurry.
Winter landscape photography cheat sheet: how to compose and expose any scene #photography

Your GoPro can now stream directly to Periscope

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This belongs on every board! Shadow! Red! Negative space! Contrast! Stairs! Composition! Ahhhhhhh

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The 10 rules of photo composition (and why they work)

Photo composition is subjective, but a few tips can ensure you a strong picture every time. Here are the key rules of photo composition and why they work.

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Composition Tip: Triangles

A nice tip on using triangles as part of your composition to create a stronger photo. The article is written mainly from the point of view of a portrait shooter (makes a nice change from most other articles on composition, which are biased around landscape photography), but the tip applies equally to all genres of photography.

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How To: 10 Simple Composition Tips for Taking a Good Photograph

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