flip book booth // alternatives to photo booths at events

A Little Scene Flip Books Introduction // oh god, a flip book photo booth. best idea ever.

I plan on doing this with my weekly pregnancy pics. I might make it bigger though.  3 x 5 pics.

Make Your Own Fancy Photo Flip Book

Websites such as flipclips.com will turn a 10- to 30-second digital video clip into a palm-size flip-book

Turn a to second digital video clip into a Memory Flip Book. Possible wedding invitations, favors, or thank yous. Video of the proposal for a save the date?

Very cute flip book that would work good alone or as part of a mini album

Scrapbook Tutorial: Photo Flip Book, opens in four different ways, very interactive and sooo fast to assemble, use it in bigger albums as insert and so on.

Family Photo Flip Book #scrapbook #AmericanCrafts #CratePaper

Family Photo Flip Book

Moon Phase Flip book: http://www.lpi.usra.edu/education/space_days/activities/moon/documents/Moon_Phases_Flip_Book.pdf

Each chapter in Blood Moon is associated with a phase of the moon. Blood Moon by Teri Harman, in Moonlight Trilogy!

Family Photo Flip Book 1

Family Photo Flip Book

Make a Kiss Flip Book and Other Simple Ways to Be Kind to Your Family

5 Simple Ways to Be Kind to Your Family