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This cupboard shelf from Ikea is meant for album covers, but I could see blowing up photos or other prints to fit.

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Restoring Old Photo Albums into Pocket Page Scrapbooks (Part One)

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10 Best Things WAHMs Need In A Home Office

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creative ways to incorporate support columns in design

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The /artifactuprsng/ Guide to Scanning Old Photos | Have you been putting off that family photo project? We're breaking it down to give you all the info you need to get from here to there. These 5 tips will bring you from 'tucked away' to 'on display'.

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Place Memories Within Reach

Check out Kelly’s blog post HERE where she talks about the IKEA Expedit (now re-named as Kallax) in her scrapbook room. My favorite things: – She made cubbies JUST for her kids’ b…

How to Create Family Yearbooks - Part III

Are you overwhelmed with the years of photos that need printing and documenting? I have a solution and way to dig yourself out of the hole and stay on top of those photos in the future!

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