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In contrast to humid regions of the same latitude, the desert southwest of Phoenix, Arizona experiences an average July max of 105 degrees F


Midtown Phoenix Skyline at Night – Dan Sorensen Photography – Phoenix is a beautiful city with terrific weather, a diverse selection of restaurants a grid-like road system smooth as glass. I moved to Phoenix in 1997 for college and have loved living here ever since. I took this photograph of downtown Phoenix during a beautiful sunset from the roof the Optima Biltmore Towers. The sun had gone down about ten minutes before and left behind this beautiful pink glow above the ...


City of Phoenix

Phoenix, Arizona. Stayed here for a week in 1991 , then passed through in '97,2003 and 2008


The city of #Phoenix has the back drop of incredible #mountains and #deserts. Take a trip there to experience it for yourself. #Arizona #travel