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CRISTINAORTIZ 9-karat rose gold diamond medium ear cuff - these would look amazing with the soft up hair, an unexpected contrast - No necklace

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Dragonhide Armor Gauntlets Phoenix knitted scale maille by Crystalsidyll

Dragonhide Gauntlets: the look of scale maille but with handknitted comfort, flexibility and warmth. The flame pattern of the scales on these

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PHOENIX EAR CUFF- copper wire combine with Autralia crystals - copper jewelry - wire jewelry

PHOENIX EAR CUFF copper wire combine with Autralia by MakeMyStyle

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A JADEITE AND DIAMOND BROOCH The thick jadeite dragon and phoenix well carved from a translucent emerald green material, enhanced by a scrolling circular and tapered baguette-cut diamond ribbon and diamond clusters, mounted in 18K white gold Jadeite carvings 35.28 x 8.37 x 4.85 and 35.52 x 9.12 x 4.58 mm.

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Fairy tales high jewellery Pendant - 18K white gold, diamonds, sapphires and tourmaline - Jewellery Theatre

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Steampunk Peacock Feather Copper Vial Necklace Glass Tube Decorative Leaf Victorian Style Bronze Vintage Steampunk Jewelry Bridesmaid Gift

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