pensandmachine:Lecture summaries - Fifth week (in progress)Philosophy of Mathematics (John Stuart Mill)

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Empyreance VI - Worlds of Infinity & Eternity Infinite micro & macro universe. Pythagoras, Descartes, Newton, Leibniz, Copernicus, Kepler, Gauss, Cantor, Pascal, Napier "The wisdom of the Lord is infinite .... Ye heavens, sing His praises! Sun, moon & planets glorify Him... Celestial harmonies, all ye who comprehend His marvellous works, ...... To Him be praise, honour, and glory throughout eternity." Kepler - The Harmony of the World - 1619

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Perspectives on Mathematical Practices: Bringing Together Philosophy of Mathematics, Sociology of Mathematics, an...

Philosophy of Mathematics and Deductive Structure in Euclid's Elements by Ian Mueller A survey of Euclid's Elements, this text provides an understanding of the classical Greek conception of mathematics. It offers a well-rounded perspective, examining similarities to modern views as well as differences. Rather than focusing strictly on historical and mathematical issues, the book examines philosophical, foundational, and logical questions.Although comprehensive in its...

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Stable unstable equilibrium. "Topology has the peculiarity that questions belonging to its domain may under certain circumstances be decidable even though the continua to which they are addressed may not be given exactly, but only vaguely, as is always the case in reality." -- H. Weyl, Philosophy of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, 1949.

Philosophy of Mathematics in the Twentieth Century: Selected Essays | Charles Parsons | Published March 17th, 2014

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