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Cuba Libre Restaurant and Rum Bar, located in Old City Philadelphia, evokes old Havana with its authentic cuisine and colorful indoor courtyard.

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Smoked salmon & lemon risotto

Smoked salmon & lemon risotto I ADDED CORGETTES , when onions were almost cooked, it was very tasty!

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Malted Milk Bavarian, Chocolate Pudding, Peanut Sablé, and Salted Caramel Custard paired with Kopke 12-year Tawny Port

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Philadelphia's new indoor beer garden hopes to capture some of the outdoor festival spirit...

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Tonight Picks, Philly Beer Week Style: Game Nights At Percy Street And Frankford Hall, Pig Roasts At Varga And BarLy, Barbecues At Sardine Bar And McGillin's, Headhouse Shambles Beer Garden And More

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Portobello Wellingtons.....portobello mushroom stuffed with chopped crimini mushrooms, spinach, shallots, pine nuts, and bread crumbs--then wrapped in puff pastry and baked.

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Lost | Forgotten | Abandoned | Displaced | Decayed | Neglected | Discarded | Disrepair | Abandoned Hospital | PECO Richmond Power Plant, Philadelphia.

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