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Pantheon of Ancient Tagalog Gods

Philippine gods and goddesses of the ancient Visayas. Ancient Visayan Deities in Philippine Mythology

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Juan Luna (Filipino, 1857-1899), La muerte de Cleopatra, 1881


Magwayen - The goddess of the sea by James Claridades Visayan Mythology

Philippine Mythology is fascinating, beautiful, terrifying, and confusing. This regional chart gives us a greater understanding of its magnificence.


Philippine Mythology Alphabet Set


Ronna Lara-Bes Online Portfolio: Philippine Mythology Series. Maria Makiling is the most famous Diwata in Filipino mythology. The guardian spirit of Mount Makiling, responsible for protecting its bounty and thus, is also a benefactor for the townspeople who depend on the mountain's resources.

stannide: “PHILIPPINE MYTHOLOGY → ASWANG The aswang were shapeshifters of the most harrowing sort. By day, they moved among the townspeople, as human as it was possible to be. They were the classmate, the next door neighbor. They were the toothless...


Some Philippine Mythological Characters by ArvinJezer


Dalaketnon- Philippine myth: tall and handsome creatures. They dress nicely and live in mansions and they try to fit in with mortal people. They have telekinesis and are able to make copies of themselves. Their eyes and hair turn white whey ever their powers manifest. They use magic black rice to change humans into them.