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Philip Pullman

Romantic Wedding Readings for your Wedding Ceremony

The Amber Spyglass by Philip Pullman | Wedding Readings |

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“When you choose one way out of many, all the ways you don't take are snuffed out like candles, as if they'd never existed.” Northern Lights, Philip Pullman.

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15 Gorgeous Book Cover Redesigns

Phillip Pullman’s trilogy, His Dark Materials. Cover design by Kate Baylay, published by Everyman’s Library, 2011

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His Dark Materials trilogy by Philip Pullman. Fantasy. Okay - so no surprises here! But these books are just fabulous - definitely challenging for a struggling reader and at the upper end of the 7-13 age group - I would say a confident reader aged from 10 to 100!

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Philip Pullman is very interesting. I never thought His Dark Materials was for children.

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Bowie at 50: "I cannot express to younger people how great it is to be this age. I, like them, would never have believed it. It's like describing the taste of a peach. They'll find out when they get here." and “Everything I read about hitting a midlife crisis was true. I had such a struggle letting go of youthful things and learning how to exist and have enthusiasm while settling into the comfort of an older age. It was an awful period... Now I'm comfortable with my age & what I've…

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Every time I think I couldn't love Children's Literature any more, I read something like this <3

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