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Victorian Punch & Judy Show model to make in card. A reproduction of an original paper toy from the Philadelphia Inquirer 1896. The booth can be constructed with 9 traditional characters including a gruesome hangman and devil.


Lady Bird Cleveland, mother of legendary model Pat Cleveland photographed by Carl Van Vechten on November 16, 1954 with her painting in oil of Eartha Kitt.

from the Guardian

The death of the American newsroom – in pictures

¡Desolador! Esto sí que muestra el final de una era, la del periodismo del siglo XX. Aquello de que 'la imagen vale más que mil palabras...', La muerte de las redacciones de los periódicos, con imágenes del fotógrafo americano Will Steacy del 'Philadelphia Inquirer'. The death of the American newsroom – in pictures | Art and design | The Guardian


Amish Style Lemonade

Amish Style Lemonade from From the Inquirer Magazine of the Philadelphia Inquirer, August 1998. Unwaxed lemons would be ideal for this if you can find them.


For many years Stone Town in Zanzibar was a major centre for the slave trade. Slaves were taken from mainland Africa and traded with the Middle East (Oman, Saudi..). The Anglican Cathedral is built on the site of a former slave market and this memorial was created to remember what happened here...


Switching off the light of history, one newspaper at a time. [Cheryl Shugars, Photo Editor, Last One Out On Night Of Move, 10:08pm, 2012; photos by Will Steacy about the downsizing of the Philadelphia Inquirer, the 3rd oldest surviving newspaper in the US]


Ghetto fabulous: the murals of Haas & Hahn

The murals of Haas & Hahn: Their most recent work in Philadelphia is even bigger, even jazzier. Philly Painting is two blocks (50 shopfronts) of audacious abstract stripes. It recalled, the Philadelphia Inquirer said, the grid paintings of the artist Piet Mondrian, albeit moving to a 'hip-hop beat’.