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I love how they are in the same house, but instead of getting up and talking to each other, he tweets him.

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Phil & Kay renewing their wedding vows for their 49th anniversary with their son, Alan, presiding :) So neat!

Youtubers I love: Shane Dawson, Jenna Marbles, Tobuscus, Olan Rogers, the fine brothers, Smosh, Joey Graceffa, Pewdiepie, Cutiepiemarzia, Danisnotonfire, thediamondminecart, themagicshell3!!!

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Phan about to watch TFIOS... Aww. and Dan cried more than Phil... I just squeaked so hard my dog ran over to see what was wrong... Over whelmed with cuteness

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Top 10 Female Bass Guitar Players

Carole Kay played bass for every Beach Boys song and created some of the most iconic bass lines in pop music history.

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