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Duck confit tortellini with butternut squash velouté and soya jelly

This fantastic duck recipe from Inverlochy Castle's Phil Carnegie combines deliciously soft duck meat with homemade pasta and a creamy butternut squash sauce.


White chocolate fudge

Phil Carnegie's white chocolate fudge recipe works as a creamy dessert or teatime treat. This white chocolate fudge is tasty and simple to make

White bean velouté with chorizo and langoustine


Chocolate and hazelnut croquant with popcorn sorbet

This recipe by Phil Carnegie for chocolate and hazelnut croquant is served with a popcorn sorbet - it always brings some fun to Inverlochy Castle


Black olive-crusted Sika venison with salsify and parsnip

This luxurious venison recipe from Phil Carnegie combines the rich game with the woody flavours of salsify and parsnip, creating a dazzlingly memorable meal.


Scottish raspberries on an iced crème fraiché mousse


Herb crusted loin of lamb with chickpeas, confit tomato, artichoke and goat’s cheese

Herb crusted lamb is served with chickpeas, artichoke, tomato and goat's cheese in this brilliant lamb loin recipe from top chef Phil Carnegie