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4 Piece Phantom Vaporizer Kit Of Digital Vaporizers 4 Piece Phantom Vaporizer Kit. This phantom vaporizer replacement kit is made by the same manufacturers of the phantom vaporizer. These are the original phantom vaporizer parts.

#CloudV introduces an all new portable and ultra sleek design to enhance your vaporization sessions. The Cloud #Phantom Premium #Herbal #Vaporizer offers a heating chamber with a 3 temperature settings for your dry herbal blends. This high end technology allows you to enjoy your Cloud Phantom Premium anywhere and anytime. With no combustion, the user will experience huge smooth vapor clouds and smooth robust taste with the ability to dial in the perfect temperature.


Digital Vaporizers


Phantom Vaporizer The Phantom Digital Vaporizer is graceful and effective vaporizer. Phantom vaporizer The temperature on it ranges between 100 and 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Phantom Vaporizer