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There are the circles again, we walk in footsteps of our ancestors, they knew it long before we came to this world. >Drumcarbit Rock Art, Malin, Co. Donegal

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Instagram on iOS: the complete guide

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A simple home soil test

Don’t know about you, but my soil knowledge is scant. This season I have a personal goal to learn more about soil, and how to create fertility from the ground up. Someone I know once told me …

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Metering mode cheat sheet: how they work and when to use them

The Metering Mode button on your camera is symbolised by an eye-shaped icon within a rectangle. Within your metering mode function you will have either three or four metering modes: spot metering, partial metering, centre-weighted metering and evaluative metering. As you will see in our latest photography cheat sheet below, each metering option measures the brightness of a scene in different ways, depending on what subject you are shooting.

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pH Meter - Accuread pH Meter for Maintaining pH Levels | Growell. it is an important equipment in the science lab i didnt know how it looked like

RCYAGO 3 in 1 Soil PH Meter and Moisture Sensor Meter Tester for Outdoor & Indoor Plants Gardens & Grass Lawn

Portable pH meters offer full functionality in a handheld instrument so you can take readings around the production facility or out in the field. Gem Scientific offer a wide range of portable pH meters from budget models through to high specification units that are specifically designed for applications including food and alcohol production and environmental monitoring.

The Hanna HI-991001 Extended Range pH Meter measures pH and temperature and is ideal for plating baths, wastewater, swimming pool and spa water quality and environmental applications.

With applications in waste water processing, food and beverage production and chemical and pharmaceutical testing benchtop pH meters are key instruments in many laboratories.

pH Meter 0-14pH

Details about Soil pH Meter Gardeners soil pH meter, tester

Soil pH Meter Gardeners soil pH meter, tester | eBay

Best Nikon SLR: which one is right for you?

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Garden Soil pH - I didn’t think too much about pH as I prepared my containers last year. I have a good meter, but since I was adding a lot of organic matter to the soil mixes I felt that would buffer any pH’s that were at the margins for most of my plants. Naturally it followed that some things didn’t do as well as I’d hoped.

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