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$5.26 (Buy here: ) New Mini Digital Pen Type PH Meter PH-009 I Multimeter Tester Hydro PH Meters for just $5.26

$5.70 (Buy here: ) Digital PH Meter Water Acid Tester Pen digital Acid Tester ph Meter Pool Water ph Aquarium Portable Acidity Pocket ph meter for just $5.70

HealthyWiser Digital pH Meter + Free Extra Set of pH buff

$7.49 (Buy here: ) Protable LCD Digital PH Meter Tester Aquarium Pool Water Wine Urine LCD Pen Monitor TDS meter water ph meter medidor de ph for just $7.49

$5.44 (Buy here: ) New Digital PH Meter Tester LCD Pocket Pen Hydroponics Aquarium Pool Water Test Tools for just $5.44

$4.67 (Buy here: ) Portable Digital PH Meter Tester Pocket Pool Water Aquarium Hydroponic Wine Testers Tool for just $4.67

32.54$ Buy here - - 0 to 14.00 pH Waterproof PH Meter Pen Type Digital Portable Aquarium Aquaculture Water Quality Ph Tester With LCD Backlight 32.54$

32.89$ Buy here - - Mini Portable Pen-Type pH Meter pH-991 High Precision pH Meter Tester for Aquarium Acidimeter Analyzer pH & TEMP Meter Measure 32.89$

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