ONE TREE HILL,i really felt with peyton right here because its a hard thing to live with pride and give up on so many opportunities and relationships only or the meer fact of the possibility of dissapointment, although it makes sense at the tie, we, the ones with pride, will always look back & wondr if we were wrong

"I should be stronger than this and I don't want to be a person that needs help.but I feel all alone.

@Taylor Forbis this tells you how to dress like peyton sawyer. youre welcome haha

One Tree Hill Fashion - How to Dress Like Peyton Sawyer

One of my favorites from Peyton sawyer on One Tree Hill.

Saying Good-Bye To dad every time he would leave for sea - Peyton Sawyer Art

One Tree Hill Quotes. Peyton Sawyer. Hilary Burton

I think that music can be the thing that changes the world - Peyton Sawyer - One Tree Hill

13 Ways You're Just Like Peyton Sawyer

13 Ways You're Just Like Peyton Sawyer

Peyton was definitely my favorite female actress. I can relate to her so much and we have so much in common. I feel like i connected to her so much on the show.