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Pex Pipe Fittings

from The Family Handyman

PEX Pipe: Everything You Need to Know

Do I Have to Use Manifolds with PEX? - No. You can install PEX just like you would other pipe, with main lines and branches to each fixture. But you lose a lot of the benefits of PEX with this system since it requires so many fittings. With the home-run system, you install a manifold in the utility room or some area that’s close to the main water line and water heater, and run a separate PEX tube to each fixture as shown above. This system uses more tubing but is fast and only requires two… has some info about resolving some common plumbing problems withing seeking professional help.


All what you need for successful PEX plumbing installation: PEX tubing (red and blue color, non-barrier), Crimp Tool, Decrimping Tool, Lead Free Crimp Fittings, Pipe Cutter, Copper Crimp Rings, Go-No-Go Gauge. All these supplies available at Canarsee for residential or commercial applications.


Learn the basics of how to connect PEX to copper and existing metal pipe as well as how to make PEX to PEX connections to create a branch line or add a valve.

from The Family Handyman

What is PEX? Plus Tips for Using PEX

PEX tubing and fittings are starting to push copper out of home-handyman (and plumbers') toolboxes. Learn tips for working with it and what all the specialized tools and fittings are for in this article.

from The Family Handyman

Shower Faucet Installation

Fittings for connecting galvanized pipe to copper pipe. Shower Faucet Installation:

from The Family Handyman

Leak-Free Plumbing

from Dengarden

A Complete Guide to Using Plumbing Fittings for Joining PVC, PEX and Copper Pipe

A basic guide to pipe types, plumbing fittings, thread sizes and how to use fittings to connect copper, PVC and PEX pipe