Peter the Great. Described as handsome and of unusual physical strength, Peter was literally head and shoulders above his contemporaries both in Russia and Europe. Unlike all earlier Russian tsars, he didn’t shy away from hard physical labor and enjoyed a simple lifestyle.

"Portrait of Peter the Great" Russia, unidentified artist, after Jean-Marc Nattier, after 1717 Oil on canvas. х 110 cm © State Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg

Peter the Great

When Peter the Great of Russia Visited England in 1698

history-in-pictures: “ Portrait of Russian Tsar Peter I the Great by Godfrey Kneller “ This portrait was Peter’s gift to King of England William III. It was painted in 1698 when, between

Peter the Great - Standing at 6 ft 8 in (203 cm) in height, he was literally head & shoulders above his contemporaries.  Peter, however, lacked the overall proportional heft and bulk generally found in a man that size. Both Peter's hands and feet were small, and his shoulders were narrow for his height; likewise, his head was small for his tall body. Added to this were Peter's noticeable facial tics, and he may have suffered from petit mal, a form of epilepsy.

Peter the Great meditating the Idea of building St. Petersburg at the Shore of the Baltic Sea alexandre benois- 1916 "дум великих полн"

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September 5, 1698 – In an effort to Westernize his nobility, Tsar Peter I of Russia imposes a tax on beards for all men except the clergy and peasantry.

As a ruler Peter the Great continued past policies but added a new ways of doing things by changing the economy and culture through imitation of Western forms.

Peter the Great Egg 1903 - See source for history of Faberge eggs for the Russian Imperial family

The Concise History of Fabergé Eggs

cynical-romantic: “ Fabergé Egg 1903 Peter The Great Egg Gift: Nicholas II to Alexandra Fyodorovna Owner: Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond, USA Height: ”

His eldest child and heir, Alexei, was suspected of being involved in a plot to overthrow the Emperor. Alexei was tried and confessed under torture conducted by a secular court. He was convicted and sentenced to be executed. Peter hesitated before making the decision. Alexei's death most likely resulted from injuries suffered during his torture. Alexei's mother Eudoxia had also been punished; she was dragged from her home and tried on false charges of adultery.

Peter the Great Interrogating the Tsarevich Alexei Petrovich at Peterhof, 1871 - Nikolai Ge