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Cats have their own language, and if you manage to learn it you will be rewarded!

How to Find a Common Language With Your Cat

Cats have their own language, and if you manage to learn it you will be rewarded!

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My dog has an invitation for everything good in my life and in the bad times my dog is there uninvited and she refuses to leave. Gotta love that!

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Of Course I Talk To My Dog Who Else Can I Trust Funny Pet T-Shirt Tees Sayings Quotes

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This should be something all groomers pride themselves as following - since we pet parents trust them with our fur kids!

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Critter Sitters: Atlanta's Most Trusted Pet Sitting and Walking Company

Tuesday 28 April, 2015 Strasbourg, 28.04.2015 - The head of Europe's 47-nation human rights organisation has called on Indonesia not to carry out the execution by firing squad of 9 people which is expected to take place in the coming days. "The death penalty is a terrible injustice which can never be put right," said Council of Europe Secretary General Thorbjørn Jagland. "I urge the Indonesian authorities to refrain from carrying out these ex

Pet Trust Laws

Four small dogs standing in a paw shaped dog bed. ......Read On about states that have enacted pet trust laws.

The people that work at: "The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust." Have extraordinary dedication to orphaned Elephants & Rhinos; many of these orphans have been traumatized, after watching their parents brutally murdered. On arrival each orphan gets caretakers that stay with them 24/7 ~ including sleeping with them ~ the loving keepers become substitute "Parents" giving the young animals the best possible chance of survival, and good mental health, so that some day they can be returned to the…

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Pet Trust Primer

Those of us who think of our pets as family members are quickly learning that one of our responsibilities is to ensure that they are cared for long after we become incapable of doing so. One way to fulfill this responsibility is to set up something called a pet trust.

Make Your Hamster Trust You

How to Get You Hamster to Trust You - There is a good tutorial for gaining your hamster's trust in this pin.

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The Daily Cute: Of Mice and Men... and Rats

I don't get why rats are ever be considered vile and disgusting creatures. They groom themselves constantly, and when tamed, they are the most loving things in the world. They are fun to be around, and very intelligent.

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How to Set Up a Pet Trust

Un mariage gipsy sous une yourte

Anais L Photographie - Un mariage gipsy colore sous une yourte - La mariee aux pieds nus

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