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A thaumatrope was a hugely popular toy in Victorian times, a kind of old-school stop motion trick, or an old-school show with only one channel. With the wonder of persistence of vision, a bird magically transported into a cage with just a twirl of a string.


Globe Persistence of Vision

Persistence of Vision Globe, controlled by mobile app and based on Arduino (Atmega1284p)All the code source and schemas are available in Github


Animation (Flip Book) Workshop

To read this in Italian, click here. Saturday’s workshop was probably the one of the most challenging, but fun workshops yet, we made flip books -which are basically a series of drawings that…


Early concept art by Errol Le Cain of the Cobbler and the Princess in her garden, 1973.


PROGRAM an Attiny

Persistence Of Vision

POV-Ray - The Persistence of Vision Raytracer (free 3D software, linked from instructable's on how to make classic Star Wars-style scrolling titles)