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Permutation Examples

A permutation of the memento mori crystal ring, dated 1764. This type of ring usually has a skull or hair in the central crystal compartment, this example encloses a skeleton.The high-carat gold scrolled band is inscribed with the details of the deceased in black enamel : J. Gardiner Ob. 19 May 1764 AE 51. The band terminates in a head set with foiled, table-cut rock crystal shoulders and a central rock crystal covered compartment containing a skeleton on a black ground.


Evolution? Some of us are more advanced than others... some have developed tails (LOL), & some of us believe any BS they read on line!!! I know "primordial tails" are a real phenomena, but they are (very rare) equivalent to an extra vertebrae...


Rare book, Dramatic Color by Overprinting from Donald E. Cooke.


Mathematics | Notes Permutation Theorem - 1 | Proof and Example For: Science Class : 12 Permutation is the arrangement of objects with respect to some order

A permutation of the memento mori crystal ring, dated 1764.

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Statistics: Permutations

This zip file includes a 19 slide PowerPoint and a student math interactive notebook page to fill out while viewing the PowerPoint. It gives an explanation on how to solve permutation problems, gives students opportunities to solve problems involving permutations, and has several examples for students to try to solve using the permutation equation.

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Word Wall Ratios, Probability, and More POSTER Set

Ratios, Probability, and More POSTER Set!A nice set of 10 posters that provides the definitions of each term along with an example of each.These can be used for hanging around the room or for instruction. All posters are 8 1/2" x 11" and print GREAT in BLACK AND WHITE!Whats included:11 8.5" x 11" posters - Ratio - Proportion - Probability - Rate and Unit Rate - Combination - Permutation - Dependent Events - Independent Events - Tree Diagram - MileagePr...


NEW TERM - "CLIMATEGATE" Surpassing "Globalwarming" as a Google Search! The new term that is spreading like lightning, “climategate”. For example, a recent search permutation yield this stat: "global warming" – 10,100,000 searches / "climategate" – 10,400,000 searches. Note that these are web searches, not news searches, but Google suggests a few news stories first. These two searches were conducted about 1 minute apart.

Equal temperament matrix tunings and the permutation lattice


Shawn Maxam recaps racist stories of the past two weeks. -- This list highlights not just examples of bigotry or prejudice but the permutation of systemic oppression through institutionalized racism (macro) to microaggressions.