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10 Cheap Destinations to Visit in 2017 – Pin This!

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Hold up, that kinda looks like I right? Have I just not known this song had something in common with him? <<< it does look like Mikey

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Permanent Vacation - 5SOS - edit. ( Credit to @XLittlexMex )

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Hey I'm doing fine and I know I'm out of line but let's sing this one more time it goes, destination: permanent vacation... Keep it going in the comments!!!!!

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I was listening to it in school and I literally felt like doing that or just screaming at the top of my lungs but meh

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permanent vacation // 5 seconds of summer// credit to whoever made this. Comment who they were if you know

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The ultimate itinerary for a trip around Australia

The ultimate itinerary for a trip around Australia - visits every capital city and all 8 states and territories, and includes 4 road trips and 6 of the best national parks / natural wonders Australia has to offer! Click through for the detailed itinerary.

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