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These Amazing Microblading Results May Persuade You to Get Your Brows Tattooed

In a world where beautiful brows have become the focal point of many modern beauty looks, people are going to extreme measures to get the perfect look. While


USPS Ship~~ 2 X Individual False Eyelash Single Loose Synthetic Extension Lashes

Premium Individual Black 0.5 Gram False Eyelash Fake Eyelash Extension Eye Lashes Makeup Choose C Curl 0.25 Thickness 12mm Eyelashes / Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions / Fake Eyelashes / Individual Eyelash Extension / False Eyelash Extensions / Lash Extensions / False Eyelashes


how to make your eyelashes look fuller

If you love the look of thick, voluminous eyelashes, but don't have the time or desire to mess around with fake eyelashes, this collection of 8 tutorials to teach you how to make your eyelashes look fuller WITHOUT falsies is just what you need!


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Semi-Permanent Fake Lashes: A D.I.Y. Disaster?

DIY Lash Extensions. Strip lash glue goes on the skin, lasts 1-2 days. Semi permanent glue goes on the lashes, lasts until removed or lashes fall out. BUT flares attach to several lashes at once making the natural lashes struggle when growing out and fall out in clumps. Best choices would be strip glue (temporary) with flares and glue on lashes, or semi permanent glue on individual lashes only - that's why you get a pro to do it. Or full strips, though less natural or custom.

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