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Credit: Hair pins, Viking, c.9th-11th century (bronze), Viking, (9th century) / Ashmolean Museum, University of Oxford, UK / The Bridgeman Art Library

from the Guardian

Science Book Club: Richard Fortey's Life: An Unauthorised Biography

Fossil collecting- espeically prehistoric fossils like the trilobite here. Include amber fossils, fern fossils, bones, corpolites (dung), teeth, claws, etc. even footprints .

The Benty Grange helm had "two plates, one sub-rectangular and one sub-triangular, of horn. (Horn, when heated, can be molded like modern plastic.) The helm did not have the ocular that most Swedish helms had and does not seem to have any sort of cheek plate or neck guard. The helmet is undated, though the boar crest places it in the pre-Christian period before the late 7th century. (The boar was intended to invoke the protection of the Germanic deity Freyr.)" And the cross?