How to become a Stepford Wife in several easy lessons. Looks like it was written in the same period as the initial novel and film.

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3. Is she an ideal woman? why/why not? In one way she is because she takes care of the children, makes her husband happy and gets groceries, but in the other hand she isn't because she controls money by herself, pays the loans and lies to her husband.

This is it ! Everything I want you to know about how feel and the man, husband, partner, soulmate, lover, friend I want to be for you for all of eternity. I promise you.

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10 tips for a happy marriage- I actually like this list and think it's very realistic and is what we use for a "code" to follow. marriage, marriage tips #marriage

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Colin Firth, male actor, celeb, stylish, powerful face, intense eyes, hands, portrait, photo

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