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from Jamie Oliver

Perfect roast beef

INCREDIBLE OVEN BEEF ROAST. Another Pinner said "The veggies were so good! I put the potatoes in with all the other veggies. This is the best roast I've ever made, or possibly ever had. Definitely replacing crock pot roasts. I covered the roasting pan during cooking, and used rosemary and thyme for my herbs." <3


The workspace tour -

from Delishably

Jamie Oliver's Ham Joint Gammon in Coke Slow Cooker Recipe

How to cook a ham in a slow cooker: it's cooked in Coke and then baked in a lovely sticky, aromatic glaze, a great yummy dish that the whole family will enjoy. Perfect served hot or cold.

from Jamie Oliver

6-hour slow-roasted pork shoulder

Jamie Oliver's proper old-school Sunday roast pork with crackling!


Very good scone recipe, very light...(deer on)

from BuzzFeed

27 Times Tumblr Used Art History Perfectly To Make A Point

Art Historians Explain Why A Medieval Man Is Getting Rolled Into A Joint, Among Other ThingsOnce upon a time in the Middle Ages, some artist spent a surprising amount of time painting a face on the butt of a horse. Fast forward to 2015, and social media users centuries later are gleefully adding modern captions to the medieval handiwork for their Tumblr and Twitter audiences. Because lol!And yet these illustrations would surprise no expert historian. Books were intentionally filled with this kind of strange artwork, and took a long time to make, even as a team effort by skilled artisans concentrated in cities like Paris. A book didn&rsquo;t used to be a thing you could buy as a joke at an Urban Outfitters store &ndash; mainly just the rich and leaders of the church could afford to own books. Their pages were made from vellum or parchment &ndash; animal skin soaked in lime water, scraped and stretched thin, then cut into groups of pages. Pages were ruled to ensure text was handwritten in straight, even lines. And unlike the doodles in the margins of your geometry notebook, the manuscript&rsquo;s illustrations, called &ldquo;illuminations,&rdquo; were first outlined onto the pages, then filled in carefully with vegetable dyes and often gold leaf.The end product, though, was sometimes bizarrely hilarious. Since we&rsquo;re all about the pursuit of knowledge and understanding of art, The Huffington Post asked a couple experts what&rsquo;s going on in some of the Internet&rsquo;s favorite medieval manuscripts.

from Offbeat Vendors

Cads About Matrimony on Offbeat Bride

It's like Cards Against Humanity... but about wedding stuff. Awesome for wedding showers.


GEOGRAPHY & GEOLOGY - basalt rocks , giants causeway, Ireland

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cloud candy (design seeds)

Purples, Blues and Pinks ~ Great Colour Scheme For A Shared Children's Bedroom


I love this one. It's called twilight bath bomb. It smells like lavender and it will turn your bath pink and then if you wait a little while it will make the the bath blue. It's an amazing sight