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Seriously. I will never boil eggs any other way again. Out of 20 eggs only 1 peeled funky and it was still better than my other attempts at boiling and peeling eggs. I even had eggs that peeled with the entire shell as one piece.


Perfect Deviled Eggs

Perfect Deviled Eggs Recipe |


Delicious and sometimes adorable options for your wedding brunch menu

heart shaped boiled eggs. These shape up fast, you do NOT need to rubber band them simply hold for 20-30 seconds

Classic Deviled Eggs

Looking how to make the perfect deviled eggs? Just mix the egg mixture, pipe into hard boiled eggs, sprinkle with paprika and enjoy. This classic deviled eggs recipe is the perfect addition to your Easter feast.

The Best Ever Deviled Eggs with Bacon

Want to know the secret to making the world's best deviled eggs? Don't miss this super simple, easy-to-follow recipe for perfect deviled eggs with BACON. They're so good you might just cry!

How To Make The Perfect Deviled Eggs

Today I'm going to show you How To Boil Eggs and am sharing a quick video showing you how to peel boiled eggs in seconds too!

Avocado horseradish devilled eggs