The best cosplay ever

I approve of this Percy cosplay. (I choked on my food when I saw this). No one comment on how he isn't supposed to get wet. He looks amazing <-- Maybe he wanted to let the rain get him wet. And, this cosplay is amazing.

Perfect. Now all I need to do is find these people and hug them.

izabela on

Even though they're not exactly like the characters and Leo is taller than all of them. I still feel like they look a bit more like the characters then the actors in the movies do.

*doo doo do do doo do do* a highly attractive teen has been spotted fighting a mound of dirt on Long Island sound with his ballpoint pen. Officials are on their way to take the boy to a mental facility. UPDATE: The mound of dirt was there, but the boy was nowhere to be found.

Amazing Percy Jackson Cosplay except Percy can't get wet unless he wants to, not even his clothes<<<<<< but hes not percy. Of course he's gonna get wet

Annabeth Chase & Percy Jackson in Tartarus Cosplay..... Must say this is one of my favorites!!

Percy wanted to thank the Titan, but his voice wouldn´t work. His legs buckled. His ears rang. Through a red glow of pain, he saw Annabeth, a few yards away, wandering blindly towards the edge of the cliff.

Sorry but I do NOT want to be a child of Aphrodite, I feel you Piper

I wonder what she does when she grounds them. Maybe make them wear those nurse shoes from the lost hero?