Tris and Four: Divergent. Clary and Jace: The Mortal Instruments. Teresa and Thomas: The Maze Runner. Susan and Peter: Narnia. Percy and Annabeth: Percy Jackson. Katnis and Peeta: Hunger Games. This picture: my life...

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From @nimueh_ The perfect ship #arthurpendragon #merthur #merlin <<<I don't ship them, but honestly good point

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divergent, harry potter, hunger games, imagine, mortal instruments, percy jackson

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The lord of the rings // The host // The mortal instruments // Beautiful creatures // Flicka - best friends // Narnia // Harry Potter // Vampire Academy // The fault in our stars // Ruby Red // Percy Jackson // Divergent // The hobbit // Ostwind // Downton Abbey // The hunger games

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Definitions of head canon, fanon, and fanfiction. I would say Scorpius and Rose romance is a fanon

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