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Grover, Percy, and Annabeth. I want one more story with just these three, I wish Grover had been on the Argo 2 with the 7. I miss his SO much. I think I just miss the old stories in general.

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hahaha this was like my favorite part <3 haha i love how scandalized hazel was....80s kids lol

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percy and annabeth reunion in mark of athena | The Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan | this was literally me!!!!!

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**Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase through the years<--- ALL THE FEELINGs**^^ // @zoeeeeeee101 \\

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then grove's there like "you don't even KNOW how i felt on Percy and Annabeth's first quest.....EVERYONE knew the liked each other! THEY DIDN'T GET TOGETHER TILL LIKE 5 YEARS LATER TOO!"

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In the first one, Percy looks so excited. You can just hear him saying, "c'mon, let's go kick some butt". Annabeth is looking at him because she's worried that he'll leave her like all the others did and she can't go through that again. In the second picture, Percy look s more serious because he knows it's not a game anymore and Annabeth doesn't need to look at him anymore. she know's he'll be there for her.

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