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July 3 1916 – The Somme 21st Casualty Clearing Station – J.M.S. Walker, a chaplain: “Now I know something of the horrors of war, the staff is redoubled but imagine 1,000 badly wounded per diem. The surgeons are beginning to get sleep, because after night and day they realize this may be for some months, as Verdun. If you could see our tents crammed with terrible wounds- see the rows of abdominals and lung penetrations dying..."Source: The Mammot Book of how it Happened, WW1- Jon E Lewis.


A Simple Exercise That Can Help You Be Happier In 4 Days

Ritual. Writing hopes and dreams for 20 minutes per day--supported by happiness studies.


Google AdWords Infographic

Google Adwords Quality Score Infographic via Chris Sietsema -


Tombs of the King's concubines, Gunung Kawi, near Ubud, Bali, Indonesia, Southeast Asia


How to Cross Borders in South America? Peru,Bolivia,Uruguay,Brazil,Chile

How Can I Afford To Travel For The Next 3 to 6 Months Crossing the border is very easy on Peruvian side. It all takes place at the border town of Yunguyo – you simply go to the immigration so they can check if you overstayed (you have to pay $1 USD per day of overstay) and get your stamp. A short walk up the hill and you reach the Bolivian Immigration Office to cross the border into Bolivia.


Per Diem Rates Query

PCS - Per Diem Rates Query for conus & oconus. Dependents over 12 get 75% of the service member amount for food and under 12 get 50%.

Per Diem Rates Query