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Pepto bismol side effects

The Weirdest Side Effect of Pepto Bismol

The Weirdest Side Effect of Pepto Bismol: The active ingredient in Pepto Bismol can cause a change in your stools.


Pepto-Bismol is an OTC medicine used in dogs for the treatment of diarrhea and Helicobacter gastritis. This page contains the dosage, side effects and more!

Vitamin C Deficiency in Dogs - VetInfo | Just thinking of your cute tomato thief @Tracey! <3

We bet you have never heard of the FODMAP diet, right? It could be the next big thing in gastroenterology for a variety of GI problems, especially gas.


Would you believe that all these side effects are from PEPTO-BISMOL!!!!! When I first saw this list of side effects I thought it was for a prescription medication not something you can pick up at your local grocery store for indigestion. Many people use this product for stomach issues and don’t give it a second thought. A quick glance at the ingredients is enough to make you rethink putting this stuff in your body. Digest Zen is an amazingly effective and safe alternative to other products…