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Plant THIS and Say Goodbye to Spiders, Mice and other Unwanted Pests in Your Home. Really.


Natural Fly Repellent You Can Make In Your Kitchen (Really)

Want a natural alternative to chemical-filled bug sprays? Here's a recipe for natural fly repellent you can make in your own kitchen - today. From FrugalChicken


Heat Wave Peppermint Spray (Air Conditioning in a Bottle

Heat wave peppermint spray....or air conditioning in a bottle! WOWY...that's worth to try!


Homemade Green Tea & Peppermint Spray for Pimples

Peppermint Spray Oil. Use to Repel Mice, Ants, Spiders, Lice. Diffuser Ready


All Natural Peppermint Pest Spray

All Natural Peppermint Essential Oil Pest Spray -Combine 1 drop of Peppermint oil to every ounce of vinegar, spray around entries to house and perimeter of garden, vinegar kills plants so be careful. My Own Home