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People Bingo is not only a fun activity but also a great way to get students up and moving during the first week of school to get to know one another! I use this game to help build my classroom community. Enjoy! Katie


Free back to school find someone who game. Great for icebreakers the first few days and a great way for kids to get to know each other and their teacher.


*FREEBIE!* Need a first day activity? Looking for a great way to help your students get to know each other? Here is a fun activity that is designed to get students mingling and finding out about one another. Using the sheet students will be able to ask interesting questions and learn classmates' names as they seek out to find the perfect people to get them a bingo. After the first (or first few) bingo, we love to share our answers and see what we can find in common.

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People Bingo Game Instructions, Cards, Ideas

People Bingo Game Instructions, Cards, Ideas: How to Make People Bingo Cards

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How to Play the Ice Breaker Game People Bingo