I guess September or October because I love magnolias, roses, orchids, dahlias, and peonies

Wedding Budget Tip #16: Choose in-season flowers

Want to save money on your wedding floral budget? Make sure to choose in-season flowers for your wedding bouquet, centerpieces or other floral arrangements.

Paris Peony Photograph "Peony Season in Paris"

nice Paris Peony Photograph - Peony Season in Paris, Large Wall Art, Travel Photography, Floral French Home Decor

Mid-late spring #wedding flowers guide by @blossomchorlton (april/may)

Going to Attempt to grow Foxglove & Snap Dragons in my new garden Mid-late spring flowers guide by The Florist (april/may)

Peony Early Scout - Start the peony season out beautifully with this early bloomer.

Peony Early Scout - Start the peony season out beautifully with this early bloomer.

If there's any other wedding flower just as classic and stunning as the rose, it's the peony. While the ruffled appearance of an entirely peony bouquet seems appealing, these flowers can also cost significantly more than most. By combining them with garden roses, you're looking at a wedding bouquet with loads of texture. In the end it's a win-win for you and your budget.

The Prettiest Rose Wedding Bouquets for Every Season

Colorful Rose Bouquet: Roses never go out of style in the wedding world, which is great news for fall brides. These gorgeous blooms are plentiful and readily available in the autumn months, and available in nearly every color you could imagine.

DesignsbyCeres on Instagram: “Major via @monikahibbs to start your Monday right! #peonies”

What peony dreams are made of! An impromptu trip to the country flower farm with the MH girls ended up looking like this! Wish all work days started like today's!